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POM Concept

While writing a page object method which of the following "method signature" you think is/are correct & Why? public String getScreenDataAndGoToNextScreen() public boolean login(String username, String password) public void clickOnTheCheckinButton() public List<String> tableDataAtDataScreen() public FooClass clickFooButton() Reason 1: 1 - Violates SRP, consider breaking into two functions.
2 - It's a good practice to validate positive and negative scenarios through return type as boolean. Eg. With valid username and password script should return true; and with invalid one it should return false.
3 - I would replace that with a generic, otherwise there would be many such click functions. The function should be part of a bigger workflow.
4 - Should return a double dimensional data structure since it is table data. So probably List<List<String>> or List<String[]> seem better choices for a return type.
5 - Looks fine except the same comment as #3. The "correctness" is contextual as in #3.

POM Concept
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