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1. How do you decide which test cases to automate.
2. Tell me the test case for atm - debit card transactions
3. What exactly Webdriver drives?
4. When you login to banking application which test case do you automate? Why don't you automate transaction test cases as you said you automate only login test case
5. Tell me about defect life cycle.
6. Tell me about your project.
7. What are entry criteria for start testing? What is exit criteria for testing?
8. Do you mark test cases as passed or failed in QC?
9. Where do you execute your test case?
10. Explain the Automation Framework architecture.
11. What is priority and severity? Who decides to give priority?
12. In current project what's your role? Manual or Automation or both?
13. What are the details the you give while logging a defect? Ans: severity, detected by, assigned to, description, artifacts like screen shots.
14. What is Maven
15. Who will give priority? Does priority affects application? Ans: Not always.
16. When we do Regression Testing?
17. When do you do smoke testing?
18. Give me the minimal test scenario for text field with range of 0-100 digits range? Ans : Boundary Value Analysis.
19. Do you know SQL? Tell me about types of joins.
20. What is an inner join?
21. When we use having clause?
22. How do you setup eclipse?
23. What does POM class has? What are it's uses?
24. What does POM. xml contains?
25. How to read data from an excel? Write the code
26. What is HSSF and XSSF? When do you use them w.r.t xlsx and xlx
27. How do you read more rows in excel?
28. What is the jar file used get data from Excel
29. How do you set path for Chrome, Firefox and IE driver

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