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1. In collections, what is arraylist and linklist and it's difference.
2. Diff. b/w List, Queue, Set.
3. Why SET<> doesn't allow duplicate values, tell me it's background implimentation.
4. In a string "ABC DEF" reverse each word without any inbuild function.
5. Tell me ur framework project structure.
6. Tell me the procedure of interacting with Excel file.
7. Types of Xpath.
8. Write a xpath using content, following siblings.
9. How to perform parallel execution.
10. Few selenium exception.
11. Diff. b/w thread & wait.
12. Perform dragAndDrop between two frames.
13. Types of wait statement.
14. Reporting in selenium.
15. How to switch b/w Tabs.
16. How do u executive scripts, Ajax using Java.
17. Have you made webdriver static or not.
18. An example of Abstract class & Interface class.
19. How can we create a method with a body in Interface.
20. From which Java version can we create a static menthod with a body in Java.
21. Selenium version you are working on.

United Heath Group
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