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How to be a difference maker

How to be a difference maker

Voila, If you already know the formula that's great but is it really making you a difference maker or a good competitor?

A difference maker EARNS A REWARD whereas a good competitor GETS A REWARD.

At  some point of our life we all think, about the effort we put in our 9-5  jobs but still success remains away. It might be because you might lose  interest in your daily jobs or when you remain away from the  recognition.

In the following 5 points, I tried to pen down my thoughts which will make you stand out:

1. Out of Box: 

Thinking out of the box doesn't only mean to think something which one  had never thought of it before, but also to think differently what  others had already thought of.

For eg (story shared by one of our  company director): 

One of the client demand wants to have a social login  on their website. And for that other companies were demanding large  amount and time to develop it. Well, as we have already developed social  login on our other projects & have the code in our repository, so  we proposed to develop it in few days and at the much lesser amount.  That thought of using code from other project into current one made it  possible to grab the project from the other competitor's in the market.

2. Problem or dislike: 

If you have a problem or you dislike something, then their is a scope  of a new idea to overcome it. And then if you come up with an idea, then  that moment you will be game changer.

For ex: In one of my  projects I have to use 2 different VPN to access our DB and the website  but I cannot access the 2 VPN simultaneously. So I first have to query  data from the DB, copy the results and then disconnect the VPN to  connect to another VPN, go to the website and then match the queried  results on the website. And to do it multiple times it a hectic job to  enter diff credentials (UN & PWD) again and again to connect to VPN  and then disconnect and then reconnect. So there was a problem. And then  I came up with an Idea to automate the VPN connect/disconnect scenario  using AutoIt. Later it became cakewalk to switch b/w VPN using one  single click.

3. Reading Books:  

The more books you read, the more your mind becomes habitual to generate ideas.

          The World belongs to those who reads - Rick Holland

4. Learn Graphics for better presentation: 

Presentations  are really important part, no matter in which organization you are in.  It can definitely boosts one's carrier to the next level. So whenever  you get time, just learn how to make good PPT or some Photoshop tricks.

5. Marketing: 

The most Important point is, to market you work. If you have developed  any tool or changed any traditional process of doing something and it's  benefited you or the project, just share it with the team members or  reporting head. Also, never hesitate to share any ideas with the client  ,which can help the project to gain more audience or to make it compete  with the latest marketing trends.

These were my picks. I will suggest you all to go out and carve your own niche :)

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